Friday, October 22, 2010

Squiddy Squid vs. Sharky Shark

(This is a repost of a blog entry I did for the Lill St Textiles blog! Which you should probably read because the faculty members there are all awesome! Anyway- enjoy!)

* * * * * *

Halloween is right around the corner and, it being the high holy days of our home studio (The Burrow), my roommate and I have been hard at work creating our costumes!

I decided to multi-task and also prep for my upcoming Hoodie Class (look for it in the Early Winter schedule- available soon!), so the costumes are based on a basic pattern for a hooded sweatshirt. Loosely based:

Lucy's going to be a squid!

(People seem to really like how it turned out. Check out the squid costume on the web! On BoingBoing, Super Punch, and Lucy's flickr stream.)

I am going to be a Hammerhead Shark! My costume is based on the same sweatshirt pattern: with a few alterations...


Oh man- these costumes are so cozy to wear! They're basically a hybrid between comfy sweatshirts and giant stuffed animals!

Sewing is awesome. Are any of you working on stellar halloween costumes? Let's see 'em!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Reflectivity is Magic!

New Products Up On My Etsy!

In what little time I've had in the studio I've been playing around with new designs and materials. Even though my sewing machine is less than stellar, having my own print table and the ability to burn screens at almost a moment's notice has changed the way I design bags. My newest material muse?


Ohmygoodness it is so satisfying. Check out these new bag designs!

Bike Spoke Hip Zip

The hip zips are similar to my past hip zip designs but the front pocket is made of the reflective fabric... making the bag not only beautiful and functional but a safety device, too!

Fish Scale Hip Zip

The hang on your belt. They can be worn as a wristlet, they hold everything you need for a night on the town.

And, gosh-darnit, they just so pretty!

I even have a new shape: a cell phone case that hangs on your belt and is only big enough for your phone, id, credit card and a few bucks cash. Super streamline!

With my (unbelievably expensive) application to the Renegade Craft Fair officially filed, the next two months are going to be a balancing act between money making and crafting. (Not to mention trying to have a social life or making capital-A Art! And seriously?! When will I have time to finish Battlestar Gallactica?!) But I have to admit... I kind of love this kind of pressure.

Wish me luck! And buy my stuff so I can afford to make more of it!