Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Past, Present, Future

Thanks to everyone who made it to the quilt show last weekend (special shout-out to Adam, Josh, Katie, Alicia, Nellie's folks, and Juliet... who were the only people I really knew... but the turn out was pretty good in general, and all the art looked amazing!!

So what's next for the quilt, you ask?  Well, Nellie and I are planning on showing the quilt in an upcoming Philadelphia based show focusing on queer and feminist history some time later this summer.  (More information on that show will, be assured, be posted as soon as it develops.)  And after that... the options are: selling it to a museum or seam-ripping the velcro and putting in on my bed.  (My grad-school account says "sell" but my love of gay slumber parties says "bed".)  Yes... Nell and I are in communications with an Underground Railroad History museum, located in Wisconsin, who seem to be very enthusiastic about the quilt... although we're trying to feel out how they feel about the gay sex part.  We'll let you know as soon as we know.

But in the mean time I've got smaller fish to fry!  So, the next few posts will be back to basic crafting:  my new(ish) spinning wheel, the search for sparkle on the internet, and knitting things I'll probably never wear except the once and then only to say "hey, thanks, I made that."


Anonymous said...

The quilt was awesome! Please post about the spinning wheel. I really need to see it. said...

you have to fry the BIGGER fish first!

rachel said...

hey! yeah, I juuust made this blog! going well so far. did you see my friend julia's comment after you? she says "dont worry, you don't look a day over fourty." hah.

nice blog! i put it in my bookmarks :) i hope you're doing well, too!