Thursday, July 3, 2008

Up and Coming Up!

Well, I'm in Massachusetts and as soon as I get my shit together, I'll be driving on down the road towards Snow Farm!  The Snow Farm summer arts program ( is an amazing arts-driven summer camp for high-schoolers.  The campers get to take 2 studios (ceramics, photography, glass blowing, flame-working, metals, drawing/painting, or fibers) throughout the session.  They have both classes everyday and the afternoons/evenings are devoted to open studio work.  I was lucky enough to teach the fibers program last year as well and I was AMAZED at the brilliant work that my students could produce in only two weeks!  I'm sure I will be updating my blog with stuff that they've done often over the next two weeks....  

Anyway, I also wanted to to remind everyone to submit art work to the show that Melanie Frazza and I are setting up!  It's a show about Queer and Feminist History.... and we need more work!  Now's you're chance!  Pad your resume!  Come hang out with the cool kids!  Just send us anything:  an idea, a proposal, an image of work you've already completed... ANYTHING!

To see the poster larger and in it's own window, go to:


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Elizabeth said...

Can't wait to here about Snow Farm this year!