Saturday, March 28, 2009

More Nephews- More Quilts!

As long as my siblings keep having kids, I suppose I'll keep making them quilts...

As if I didn't love having the excuse?!

Ergo- let's all welcome the newest Renick:

Louis Douglas Renick
to Colin and Kim Renick
March 2, 2009


And ergo... quilt!

Heather Ross' Mendicino line! Amazing squids, mermaids, sea-horses and turtles in a lovely gender-neutral colorway! (Who says boys can't love mermaids? Poo to gender conformity!) I got the fabric at Spool, my wonderful, local fabric store. I had bought a bunch of these fabrics to make into bags and stuff... but when I started to think about a baby quilt they seemed to perfect to pass up!

I actually even got a chance to meet Heather Ross in person at Spool, which was pretty cool. Although it seemed a bit much to ask for an autograph... quilters are nerds, too?

Quilting is magic!

It's also a good excuse to do a lot of (dangerous) ironing.

Ahh.. the Kurz family traditional technique for backing quilts as passed down to me by Nellie Kurz. Thanks, Nell!

All done!

The back is all gold fishes... so that Louie can sleep wit' da fishes. (Not to play on an Italian stereotype or anything... )

The quilt will be presented to young Louie next weekend when my parents and I will visit him for the first time. Welcome to the family!


Elizabeth said...

Love love love this! He's such a lucky little one.

Anonymous said...

Nora! It's beautiful! Made by a poet! -Slim