Thursday, April 30, 2009

1st Annual Airing of the Hotties Stash

Fiber enthusiasts have a tendency to collect- patterns, ideas, materials- and these collections have a tendency to accumulate into what is known as a Stash. For knitters, it's exorbitant numbers of skeins of yarn. You buy one extra skein of something soft, or the last skein of a really great color, or three too many skeins of sweater yarn because you're too lazy to do the right math to find out how much you actually need... anyway... after a few months you realize that you have SO many of these extra skeins that you've stuffed them into a bag or box and forgotten about them. Therefore, knitters invented the traditional "Airing of the Stash." Once a year (or whenever you get to it) you pull down the box of unused yarn, pull out each and every sumptuous color and fiber, look at each one lovingly in turn, and then put them back in their box and forget about them again immediately. Ha! No. Sometimes you find the perfect yarn for the project on your brain, or remember about some really great fiber that inspires some great new design. Airing the stash is wonderful for reinvigorating inspiration (you know you already love the yarn 'cause you've already paid for it) and it's a great way to remind yourself that you really don't need to buy anything new because you already have a shit-ton of material!

I have quite a large yarn stash myself, but today I'm going to air another kind of stash. A stash of Hotties.

After my computer told me that my "startup disk was almost full" I thought I might as well delete some of the (ridiculously huge number of) images that I keep on my computer for reference. As I was perusing my collection to see what to get rid of, I stumbled upon a folder marked "hotties." Hence?

The First Annual Airing of the Hotties Stash!

Here are this years' Hotties... vaguely assembled in order of least nerdy to most nerdy. (What? That was what made the most sense.) I've also added links so you can check out my Hottie collection for yourself! Enjoy!

Alan Rickman, circa. 1976. Yum...

Gary Oldman, in real life. Adorable much?

Collette, the amazingly beautiful French author, performer and bisexual lover.

Rachel Maddow, journalist, nerd, hottie.

Amelia Earhart. Female pioneer in plane-flying and pants-wearing.

Rachel Maddow as Amelia Earheart. Uhm... need I say more?

Han Solo. Mrrreow.

Legs (aka Angelina Jolie) in Foxfire. Just stopping in to cause some trouble and break some hearts. She then went on to date Jenny Shimizu... hawt.

Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. His love defies the fact that he doesn't even have a soul. C'mon... that's so tragically romantic...

And, of course, Agents Mulder and Scully from the X-Files. And although they never actually hook up in the show... in my head they usually look like this:

Stay tuned for next year's Airing of the Hotties Stash!

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