Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Code Quilt goes to San Fransisco!

Nellie and I are super-excited to announce that The Code Quilt will be exhibited as part of this year's San Fransisco based National Queer Arts Festival!

"Since 1998, QCC has organized an annual month-long National Queer Arts Festival. To date, these Festivals have presented more than 400 different events featuring over 2000 Queer artists including Bill T. Jones, Alice Walker, Robert Rauschenberg, Ester Hernandez, Adrienne Rich, Marga Gomez, Justin Chin, Cherrie Moraga and Dorothy Allison. The 2008 Festival attracted more than 65,000 people."

How cool is this? The festival is CHOCK FULL of amazing lectures, workshops and parties- and has been a San Fransisco tradition for 10 years! The exhibit that Nellie and I are participating in, THREADS, will be held at SOMArts Cultural Center with an opening event on June 7th.

"Threads is not just about fabric and costume but also how queerness weaves the threads of our physical, social and moral existence together into a multi-dimensional fabric of community and our selves. What are the threads that bind, mend and sometimes unravel this spectacular fabric? How do we fashion, perform, subvert or display queerness in our art and lives?

So fashion yourself high or low and don your hottest threads for the opening! There will be a photo booth and photographers roaming about capturing the fabulousness of it all with music and performance in the galleries—not to mention, food and drink. All for free and fun."

(I also love that the button for the Threads show on the QCC website is totally in the same section as a photo of one of the members of my good friend Katie Allen's Boston-based Drag group, All the Kings Men! We live in such a small community, don't we, friends?)

(Just in case you needed a reminder of how awesome the quilt is...)

Also available at the exhibition (maybe? If not, on the esty at a later date) will be the super-exciting, full color, second printing of The Code Quilt Zine: a booklet containing an artist statement, photos, and all the research/information needed to fully "decode" the quilt. (If you can't wait for yours, you can always buy one RIGHT NOW! at my etsy!)

Sweeeet. Unfortunately, neither Nellie or I will be able to attend the opening or, nay, any of the amazing events planned throughout the month of June! Nellie will be in Santa Fe working for the Santa Fe Opera again and I will be starting my class at Penland. Poo! That means that it's up to those of you who live in San Fransisco (uhm.. I'm looking at you, Jess Sum? Eh?) to check out the gallery and report back. 'Kaythanks!


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