Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Upcoming Class: Sew Your Own Hooded Sweatshirt!

Check out this blog entry I did for the Lill St Textiles department blog! This class is going to be awesome...


Hi, Lill St Textiles Buddies! It's cold, wet and blustery out there today; and all I want to do is curl up in a cozy sweatshirt and drink tea. And guess what? In just a few weeks I'll be teaching a class all about sewing hooded sweatshirts! It's going to be a super awesome class that covers some basic patterning/construction techniques while also allowing you to get creative with design and structure. Here are a range of design ideas to get your brain working...

Super simple hoods with marsupial pockets! No need to get crazy if you're feeling intimidated by the sewing: a hand-made hoodie is creative enough!
(Also- can we talk about those awesome pants for a second?!)

Check out that neck variation! It looks pretty comfy...

Applique, lapels, and cowls: oh my!
(Joodito Designs.)

OMG Buttons!

And even though we won't be doing any screen-printing in the class, my nerdy self couldn't let THIS discovery go without sharing it with you all. Clever, clever!

You can still register for this class over at the Lill St website or by calling the front desk at (773)769-4226. Hope to see you all in class!

-Nora Renick Rinehart



MamaMae said...

oh my goodness, i wish i lived closer to you! i would absolutely LOVE to take a class like this. i have been drooling over little houses stuff for years wishing i knew how to construct something similar. would you be interested in doing a video style class so that i can learn from you via the web?

♔Reyna♔ said...

Love these jackets! Would love to go to one of your classes, these are super cute. Maybe you can do a DIY on your blog? BTW: new follower here! Hope you pass by my blog & maybe follow back?


Shannon Parker said...

omg i love the 2nd one and the brown one wish i could make these.

Penny said...

I would love to make these but am unable to attend the class. Can I purchase the tutorial? Thank you!!

Saira said...

I'd like to purchase the tutorial for the button/cowl neck jacket also. Please sell it as a pdf. Thank you!

Imterikke said...


I live in Belgium and would love to purchase the pattern of the button brown cowl neck jacket. I can't find an other way to ask you if this is possible, can you comment if this is possible and how I can contact you?

Thank you!! I even dream of making this jacket!

Coree R said...

Are you selling these patterns? I love to make the brown buttoned version. Please let me know if buying from you is an option. Thank you!

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Amy O. Sullivan said...

Can you please send me a link or let me know where I can find the pattern for the brown button/cowl neck jacket? Thank you!

Bentley said...

I also love the brown button/cowl neck jacket and would love to know where I can find the pattern/tutorial. This would be a perfect Christmas gift. Help??

Anonymous said...

Can't see the Patterns!!! are there some were?????