Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Happy Basting Day!

Here's another blog post I did for!

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Last week was basting day in my Traditional American Block Quilting Class!

Basting Day!

Because basting- the temporary stitches that hold together your quilt top, the batting and your backing fabric so you can quilt through all the layers- is one of the last steps, it is also one of the most exciting. Really, it's kind of like a holiday. It's the first time you get a real sense of what your quilt is going to look and feel like and you can see the warm, cozy light at the end of the tunnel.

Monkey Wrench Basting Demo
Or, in this case, a warm and cozy potholder. (My demo sample.)

Everyone is working on separate project and they are all coming out lovely!

Jessica Stapp
Jessica basting her sampler.

Tracy Kremer
Tracy's making a set of potholders that look like a picnic! Doesn't that green cordouroy remind you of astroturf?

Katie Brown
Making a cat bed. Best night sleep that cat'll ever have

Dawn Dorsey
Basting her sampler lap-quilt. Ooh pretty!

Check out more photos at my flickr! And be sure to stop by this weekend's festivities to see some more quilt blocks on display in the textiles department. I'm hoping to be able to teach this class again in the fall or winter- anyone interested?

Hope you see you there!


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