Monday, August 22, 2011

Inspiration from Marimekko

(Slideshow of Marimekko's Factory Process.)

The textile/design company Marimekko has been a source of beauty and vibrant color since the 1950's. Despite being located in chilly (and monochromatic) Finland, their inspirations evoke lush natural themes: florals, landscapes, and color palates that are more likely found in a summer garden than in snow.

(Slideshow of Iconic Marimekko Patterns.)

The company has had it's ups and downs over the years but, thanks to some keen business minds and a persisting partnership with Crate & Barrel, Marimekko is at it's height of success. Check out these two video peeks at their factory processes!

I totally want the job of throwing the ink into those giant printing machines! It's like screenprinting to the MAX! Let's print some yardage!

We may be at the height of summer now but I have a feeling that keeping Marimekko's joyful outlook on life will be especially handy come February in Chicago!

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