Wednesday, February 8, 2012

New Books on My Shelf

Blog Entry for Lillstreet Textiles!

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Merry Christmas to me! Or, maybe by this point it's Happy Valentine's Day to In either case, I have been on a recent book buying binge! Here are some of the new titles I've purchased for my studio:

Super Stitches Knitting, by Karen Hemingway

An amazing collection of different knit patterns! Everything from knits/purls to cables & lace to intricate color work! Looking forward to trying out some of these soon...

Around the World in Knitted Socks, by Stephanie Van Der Linden

This one was actually a Christmas present from an Aunt. 26 beautiful color-worked sock patterns inspired by countries all over the world. SWOON.

The Art of Manipulating Fabric, by Colette Wolff

CLASSIC. I actually can't believe I didn't have this one in my collection already. A veritable go-to for how to make just about any texture with fabric. We have a copy of this one in the Lillstreet Textiles collection! Check it out in the sewing studio!

A Field Guide to Fabric Design, by Kimberly Kight

A new discovery, this book has some amazing resources for fabric design. Pattern and color theory is discussed at length and there are instructions for both traditional and digital methods of design/production. Also, it's really pretty!!

Radical Lace and Subversive Knitting, Catalog by the Museum of Arts & Design

This show was up in NYC when I was in college and features a couple of my professors. The collections of work in this book represent a range of concepts and techniques that were instrumental in my falling head over heals in love with art in general and fiber, as a material and method of communication, specifically.

Aren't books the best???


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