Sunday, January 20, 2013

The First 16 Days of 2013 in Sky Swatches

small file Sky Swatches first 16 days
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Lillstreet is starting to have monthly critiques of personal work. I am so excited! It’s been pretty tough keeping myself in a regular studio practice- especially since I moved to Chicago and have had to spend 36hrs a day making stuff to make money. I’ve been threatening/promising(myself) to go to grad school… but making a new body of work has been a daunting prospect. I’m hoping these meetings can provide some peer support and artistic motivation.

In preparation for our first meeting on Friday, I compiled all of my 2013 sky swatches in the hopes that it would help me gain new perspective on the project and give me some guidance as to where to go next.


The Potluck was a huge success! It was phenomenal to see other people's work! It's funny:you can work beside someone for years and yet getting to see what they make and how they make it allows you to know them so much better.  And it felt soooo good to be talking about my work. That might have been my first real critique in... five years? (Yeeeesh not okay.) I have all these ideas in my head and I want to make them aaalllllll.... I guess we'll see how much I can make time for.

The consensus seems to be, though, that I should definitely do the swatching for the whole year. Even at 5min a day... I have to admit, the prospect seems daunting. I can already see, however, how the act of doing it daily has changed (and is changing) not only my relationship with the sky but also how I plan my day. I keep finding myself scheming a new route to a familiar destination just to get a new swatch location. It could be interesting to see how a whole year of this would change the way I live in the world.

(I haven't been posting the swatches daily here but I have been posting them over at my tumblr.)

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