Friday, March 22, 2013


There were so many colors in the sky tonight that taking any one swatch felt like lying. Even two. Even three. There were purples and greens, teals and tourmalines that defied capture. With no clouds to distract/mar/abrupt/disrupt/contrast/contradict the sky, the colors were just indescribably  deep.  There were sideways and diagonal ombres that shifted so subtly I didn't even realize they were gone until I looked away and then back again. And it lasted forever. It followed me all the way home.

I cannot believe I was driving during that sunset. I swatched, I got in the car and I hit the road. This project is turning out to also be about patience: wait for it, work through it, try different colors, angles- how long can it really take in the grand scheme of my day? 

Tonight's sunset deserved to be watched like a movie, sat through like a concert, read like a book. And I gave it as much attention as I give anything these days. Half. Max. 

To which the only thing I can seem to think to say is:

Check yerself, girlfriend.

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