Thursday, January 3, 2008

2008: Cowboy Up!

So, I decided that this year's theme is going to be the above mentioned:  "2008:  Cowboy Up!"  By which I mean, I'm fully intending to get off my butt, make some cool stuff, and share it.  With you.  The internet.  My dear old friend.

No, but actually, I was inspired to start this blog by one of my best friends, the amazing and talented NellyFace, who has apparently had a secret blog for quite a while now!  I love the idea of blogs.  It feels to me like we are passing inspiration through the web;  to people who, although we may not know, may never know, we share passions and experiences with.  

When we were at school, there was always this group of people surrounding us, working passionately on their own projects, who could always spare a moment to look at other peoples' work.  They could help out with a critique, a suggestion, or a cup of coffee.  (Or tea.  Or rice.  Or beer.)  I was so excited to graduate and I had this ridiculous idea that, without school to interfere with my time, I could actually do the work I wanted to do!  But since May, I have done little to nothing constructive, let alone anything "conceptual".  But reading Nelly's blog, and some others that I've come across, I'm beginning to feel as if maybe, just maybe, it's possible to have artistic community here on the web.  And sometimes just putting ideas out into the world helps them to take on new life.  

Ok, so that's kind of a characteristically cheesy introduction to my blog.  Don't worry, I promise it'll get better.  :0)

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