Thursday, February 21, 2008

Knitting Souls

I've been feeling a little misanthropic lately.  To the point where I've listened to 5 out of 7 of the Harry Potter books-on-cd, basically in a row (as in... without stopping).  If any of you have any reference for that, you'll know that means about 60 straight hours the dulcet tones of Jim Dale.  It also means that I've chosen to spend 60 straight hours listening to Sir Dale (yes, he's been knighted) instead of interacting with the human race.  (Eh?)  But it also means I've gotten a lot of knitting done!!  

I finished my dragon scale scarf!!

Pretty, even by the light of my creepy photobooth flash.

So... I liked working with this pattern a lot.  There are rows of lace in between the rows of "scales" and salvedge borders of garter stitch.  I knit it with a lace-weight alpaca-silk blend in the color "pea-pod."  (I thought it looked dragon-esque.)  Finished, it's about 4 ft long... long enough to be doubled and tied , or wrapped around twice.  The one thing I don't like as much about this pattern is the fact that it's not reversable.  The back isn't nearly and pleasing as the front.  Also, even though I ironed it, it has a tendency to curl inward and feel kind of thin while you wear it.  

But... whatever!

I love it!!  (That's my roommate Jenna, clearly admiring my handiwork as well...)

I think I'll definitely use the pattern again.  I was thinking it would be really fun to use it in a cardigan.  Like, make a nice half-back plaquet with a lace transition to stockinette body...  (ah, to sleep, to dream...)  It was nice to get it off my needles so that I could start...

Nelly's Feather and Fan Scarf!!!

In other news regarding my misanthropic tendencies of late... I think, actually, it means that all I want to do is hang out with Nellie and Elisabeth.  All the time.  

Even if it's just sitting around my room knitting, catching up and watching high school musical.  (what.)  

Nellie and Roskos... would it really be a problem for you to move into my bedroom?  I'll build you bunk beds... I promise... And forts out of yarn...

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katiwithanilovesyou said...

NORA! that green scarf is beautiful!!!!!!