Monday, February 25, 2008

Some things that ARE alike.



I really really really want an angora bunny (as shown at top).  If I had an angora bunny, I would name it Spatula.  I would shear Spatula, spin her fur into yarn, dye the yarn and name it such things as "Burgundy Spatula,"  and "Sparkly Tuquoise Spatula," and my personal favorite, "Spatula Natural" (undyed).

But I suppose, for the time being, I will have to settle for my excessively furry cat with almost too much personality who has a habit of sleeping directly on top of my knitting patterns (as shown above, below.)

Le Sigh... life is so full of fur-tastic possibilities...

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Nelly Face said...

That Bunny! It hates people. It hates everything. If its eyes weren't obscured by a bussel of hair, it would shoot hatred out of its eyes. That is why it must be used for YARN.