Monday, April 28, 2008

Blanket Statements

The quilt is DONE!!  But as I left my camera in Baltimore, you're just going to have to take my word for it until I can post photos next week.  However, BELIEVE me... it's super (thanks for asking.)

But even without photos, those of you who are in Baltimore, or will be within the next two weeks, can see it for yourself!  Rachel Faller's "Blanket Statements" show officially opens to the public on Wednesday!  Here's all the information you need:

In case that's too small for you to read, the show will be viewable starting April 30th and will be culminating with a CLOSING EVENT on Saturday, May 10th.  (That's right, kids, so don't show up this week and expect wine and cheese.)  I WILL be coming down to Baltimore for the party, so all of you who I haven't seen for a year, now's the time to come and see what I've been up to!  (And I think I'll be there during the afternoon part, too, for at least a bit, in case you don't want to fork over the $10- $12.)  Let me know if you're coming so I can look out for you!

But on a more complicated note... As Nelly and I were putting the finished touches (for example the rainbow bias tape border...) we realized that displaying all the information necessary for the decryption of the quilt was going to be a bit difficult.  Each of the squares represents a complicated and sexually explicit individual.  However, Rachel had asked us to PG the description because there are going to be kids at the event.  After thinking and scheming for quite a while, we decided that the best way to include alllll of the information that I always inevitably want to provide should be HERE!  On my blog!  (Sorry I don't have a real website yet... it's coming, I swear.)  The address of the blog will be hung next to the work along with our artist statement.  So:  as soon as I can, I'm going to post everything you need to both "read" our quilt and, if the fancy should strike you, create one that fits your own sexual identity.

Go see the show!  And then come back here and figure it all out...

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Elizabeth said...

Can't wait for pictures. Wish I could attend.