Sunday, April 20, 2008

Gardening = Magic, Quilting = Alchemy

I think I may be obsessed with gardening.  Ever since I started this gardening class it's all I think about.  And since my bike has been stranded half way to make yr break for a week now, all the time I've spent walking around the city has been filled with thoughts of containers and seedlings and plans and dreams.  (Mostly dreams of stealing cuttings from window boxes in queens village.)  Last sunday Joe and I started our garden for real!

I got this fantastic 72-pod seed starting dome from gardening class, and we filled every pod with flower, herb, and vegetable seeds!

So many wonderful plants!  That there's catgrass in the front.  Joe is planting broccoli!

And in less than a week:
I'm a mom!!!  OMG it was so exciting.

Cat-grass and Broccoli!


So, now I'm waiting until their big enough to plant in real pots.  It'll be like sending them to kindergarten...  Except that once they graduate, I'll get to eat them in a salad.  (I also have some romaine lettuce plants, and some onions already in pots on the roof!)

In Other News!! 

Quilting is like alchemy.  I spent 10 1/2 hours in the studio sewing yesterday and I managed to make every finished square measure a different incorrect size!  Gah!  Geometry makes no sense to me.  None.  Ironically, the most difficult pattern was the only one that came out the correct size.  (?!?)  At any rate, I managed to finish almost all of the blocks.  Maybe I'll get to bed before midnight this week after all!

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