Saturday, January 17, 2009

Fun-A-Day: Halfway there!

Philadelphia loves Fun-a-day! Fun-a-day is a project sponsored by Philadelphia a collective, ArtClash, wherein anyone who is interested does something everyday for the whole month of January. Then, in the beginning of February, everyone brings their work, or documentation of their daily action, to a gallery and the show hangs for the rest of the month. Past fun-a-day projects have included things like: Piggy-back a day! My roommate Sarah got a piggy-back from a different person every day, or Mend Something Every Day! Apparently, the item mended was then drawn on adorable animals for the show installation. Amazing!

I was totally excited to engage in this project, but I completely forgot about it until the 1st of January, so instead of being able to organize some of my more elaborate fun-a-days (like: face a phobia every day... anyone got a pet spider I could, uhm, face?), I decided to go with something I've been thinking about for about a year; ever since my Baltimorean friends and I did animal combination drawings the summer before last.

Animal Combinations! Add a new animal every day! I started with a panda and have been selecting a new animal to add into the mix every morning. They're getting pretty... uhm... sci-fi? (Doesn't hurt that I've been watching the X-Files while drawing...)

Drawn on the 8th of January, this "Octospectahorned wandamanerookat" is the combination of panda, walrus, salamander, meerkat, spectacled bear, octopus, kangaroo and big horned sheep.

Gah! We'll see how the 30+ animal combo comes out... Halfway there! I can't believe we're already halfway through January...

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