Monday, September 14, 2009

The Craziest Summer EVER. (And a half.)

Gah!!  I can't believe it's actually been, like, 2 full months since I updated my blog!!  Especially since my summer was SOOO full of amazing art-adventures!  Unfortunately, it was also full of super crazy-making moving/ homelessness situations that have prevented me from having the time or peace of mind required to sit down and articulately express the amazingness of the summer.  (See??  Still not really articulate!!)  I sat down about 5 weeks ago to write an entry about Snow Farm (already overdue at the time,) only to discover that all but 4! of the 200! photos I had taken during the session were GONE!!  Totally inexplicably!  Full disclosure:  I'm sure that by "inexplicably," I really mean, "through my own stupidity and lack of proper reflexes" but it's still a blow.  (Don't worry-  I'm still going to throw together an entry from pilfered Facebook photos... of which there are about a million.)

AND! even though I am finally settled in my new place (did I say finally?  I meant finally!!!)  my already bumpy re-entry into the general pattern of my life was made harder when my computer hard drive crashed.  !!!  Even though I had everything backed up... and even though I still had 16 days left on my warrantee...  somehow, getting all my information back has still been ridiculously complicated.  (Stupid cocky bastards at the damn apple store.  They always make it sound so easy!  Liars.)

So... in conclusion... excuses excuses... but STAY TUNED!!  Lots of awesome stories and photos are coming this way soon.  'Cause I gotta get on with my life and I feel like it's on hold.  

But in the meantime, here's an interesting poster that Erin and I came across during one of my multiple over-night stays in Boston.


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