Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Last Chance to Check Out THREADS!

All right, now I know you all want to hear about my superincrediblyfantasicallymagic time at Penland, but in order to really do it justice I'm letting myself digest a little before posting about it. (Aka... I'm waiting to sort through everybody's photos on facebook. What? I didn't get ANY of me inside a giant kitchen pot or in my crazy armadillo costume! Ha! Now you REALLY want to hear about it, don't you?!) Anyway, I've got a couple things in the meantime:

I can't believe it's been a whole month already, but the Threads Exhibition is coming down this weekend! In case you're having trouble remembering... the Code Quilt that Nellie and I put together last fall is currently hanging in an exhibition at SOMArts in San Fransisco as part of the annual, month-long, queer arts/party festival! And this week is your last chance to see it!! Here is a list of the other (amazing!) artists that participated in the show:

Threads Artists:

Adams, Atticus
Ahearn, Bren
Der Ananian, Greg
Baldwin, Mara
Ball, Jasper Gregory
Bazant, Micah & Ramstad, Emmett
Boudreaux, Zee
Boyer, Travis
Buitron, Michael
Claude, Teri
Clausen, Alex
Collins, Liz
Cros, Muriel
Cummings, Torreya
Ellsworth, Angela
Faulk, David & Johnstone, Michael
Fiveash, David
Gerard Romero, David
Gratland, Paige
Hammond, Harmony
Hanasik, Jason
Hellstern-Kjoller, Henriette
Hillman, Patrick
Hogan Finlay, Onya
Hubbard, Katherine
Huron, Sade
Kahn, Jesse M.
Kahn, Jesse M.
Lohner, Harold
Lopez, Steven Vasques
Lorch, Kate/Fletcher, Welly
Maida, Lee
Menone, Christopher
Metzger, Cyle
Monday, Zak

Muholi, Zanele
Naschke-Messing, Ali
Pepe, Sheila
O'Arwisters, Ramekon
Rinehart Kurz
Roberts, Lacey Jane
Robinson, Michael Sylvan
Roseborough, Tim
Rossi, Kjerstin
Rubiku, Anila
Sanders, Jeremy
Simms, Jeannie
Telford Keogh, Catherine
Tess, Rebecca
Ulrich, William Cricket
Waters, Irene
Whitehead, Anna
Wilson, Angie

(Uhm... ok, so they kinda effed up our names, but y'know, whatevs.)

But see?? Don't you want to see that show?! I do! But unfortunately, I didn't even get to go to the opening 'cause of my class at Penland. (Which I wouldn't have swapped for the WORLD!) Here are some photos from the June 7th opening:

Ooooh... those look like hot queeeer people!!!

It looks like they had a pretty good crowd! And the gallery looks PACKED with amazing art! Is that another quilt I see there in the background?? Oooooh, I wish I could have been there!

And there's the quilt!! Look! Someone's looking at it!! Oh, man, I feel like a REAL artists! (Also, I think that's Alfred Hitchcock in the background... Hmmm...)

Everything looks so pretty...

All in all it sounded like a great show! If anyone out there reading this actually got a chance to see/experience the show, I'd love to hear your thoughts! Highlights? Anyone I should look up artist-wise? Kthnx.

Penland stuff coming soon, I swear.

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Elizabeth said...

Nora! We need to talk. We need to talk about Snow Farm and Penland and Utah. I will call or email you soon. I promise. Hope all is well. -Liz