Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sewing Classes at Lill St Arts Center

Here's a blog entry I just threw together for the Lill St Textile's blog! So much good information over there...

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Hi everyone! Nora here...

Just finished another round of my First Time Sewing class this past week: my Tuesday night class had a blast putting together our tote bags and eating tequila-flavored chocolates...

Lindsey wearing her completed apron.

The class with their finished products!

Don't you want a great tote-bag/ apron set? Come and take a first time sewing class with me!

Meanwhile, on Saturdays my Garment Construction class is working steadily on their projects:

Emily tracing her paper pattern shapes onto the fabric for her dress.

So pleasing!

(Check out some more studio photos at my flickr stream.)

There are new classes starting next week- I'd love to meet lots of new people and see tons of familiar faces in my upcoming classes! Hope to see you there!

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