Monday, April 4, 2011

The Summer of Seamripper

The sounds of a sewing studio are part of what makes me feel at home while I'm working. The roar of the machine, the zip of a zipper... snaps, tears, slices... le sigh. Home! So, what if those sounds were recorded and combined with music? That is the question being asked by my good friends, "Rose and Jade" of Viv Pickle Custom Handbags!

Project Seamripper

Seamripper is a project designed by two seamstresses to celebrate the cacophony of the sewing studio. We've spent enough time in the studio to be considered masters of our skill, but just how much control do we have over the aural experience?

We will use unconventional instruments generally used for sewing to create experimental music. We've been calling our sound "industrial" or "stitchcore", but we're just as concerned with the process as the resulting music. Many of the individual sounds are percussive, like the click of pins on a magnet want or the swish of a pair of shears. We'll fill in the melody with our voices, and with tongue-in-cheek lyrics of the trade. Our vision is to create a roughly polished album- made with great skill, and with stitches showing.

These ladies are amazing artists and I can personally assure you that anything they work on will be beautifully crafted with humor and an aesthetic that will make you buckle at the knees. Check out their kickstarter and consider supporting this awesome project! They also have a blog, which I hear will have give-aways... swooon!

Let the Summer of Seamripper commence!

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