Sunday, December 30, 2012

Fun-A-Day 2013

I always forget about Fun-A-Day until the last day of December. Every time.

Which is even more ridiculous when you consider that I helped (only sort of) to instigate Chicago's participation this year! Huzzah! Thanks mostly to the super-powers of Rachel Wallis and her team of heroes, our fine city's month-long projects will be displayed at the Threadless Retail Shop (3011 N. Broadway.)

The fun starts tomorrow with our official kickoff event, for which I’ll be doing the workshop on fabric yoyos! Also called rosettes, yoyo quilts were common during the great depression when inventive seamstresses had little-to-no funds for new materials. They’re a great use of scrap fabric. I love sewing them together to make jewelry, or onto clothes for a little extra decoration. A simple, beautiful project: perfect for fun-a-day!

You guys. I love fun-a-day. I've done it twice: the first year I only made it to the 22nd (Animal Combination Drawing a-day). Then I learned that the secret is aiming low so as to not got overwhelmed... and I ended up with one of my favorite projects! (Knot-a-day!)

I've been in sort of a (3 year) art making slump... so I'm going to try to use the next month as a jumping off point for some new work.

Sky Swatch-A-Day!

This time for real. One swatch a day, and then I'll work through and complete a piece with the swatches in time for the show in February. I have a few ideas... and I'm excited to start!

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