Saturday, December 15, 2012


That's it. I quit. Nothing will ever be as perfect as this wall covering.

Two summers ago I printed some wallpaper that was the weather worn shingles found on the buildings at Maine's legendary Haystack Mountain School of Crafts. As an experiment I found it interesting and it lead me to do a lot of thinking about outside vs inside walls and verisimilitude, etc etc.

But this?? Swoooon.


This wall covering is a perfect example of the simple, graceful design that grows naturally out of following a material from it's source all the way to it's destination. The wool for Filature Arpin (located in a small mountain community in eastern France) is harvested from local sheep and is processed on site: the company estimates that their fabric goes through 17-24 stages in the production process including shearing, washing, drying, spinning, weaving, and fulling/felting.
Did I mention Swoon? Because SWOOOOOOOON.

(Photo and story found in the most recent issue of Salvedge magazine.)

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