Saturday, September 27, 2008

Bring It, Amelia Earhart!

So.. originally, I started knitting Harry Potter House Socks... but I got really confused with the heel turning business so I thought I would knit a hat while I waited for a chance to get to loop to ask what the hell the pattern was talking about.  And, well, I sort of knit a whole set!

The hat is an Amelia Earhart cap from a pattern I found on the internets.  
(I picked the pattern because it is entirely constructed of short rows... exactly what I needed practice with for my sock pattern!)  I knit it with the same sock weight wool/nylon I used for the feather and fan scarf.  I LOVE this color combo and wish I had an infinite number of skeins of it!  But unfortunately, I only had the one.  I knit the hat first (on size 8 needles, which makes the hat a little lacy) but had almost half a skein of yarn left, so... wristlets!

It was really fun to see the different patterns that the yarn colors made with different guaged needles (the wristlets were done on size 5 dpns).  

Check out these sweeeeet buttons I found in fabric row!!  Each wristlet closes with a button on the wrist and the hat has one on each ear.

(grr... arr.. I am tough.  Bring it, Amelia!)

(All right, I get it.  You're still hotter than me.  Whatever.)


Sheila said...


Erin! said...

Totally bad-ass.

Heck yes.

Knitstress Mary said...

Nora, I love the way your Amelia Earhart hat turned out. I made it for my mom in all white, because that's what she wanted. To me it looked like brains. I found the pattern before I even ever started short rows. It is an excellant way to learn short rows. You did a beautiful job.

katiwithanilovesyou said...

i am back in philly. ...waiting to see you!!!

rachel said...

awesome!! amelia earhart was a total hottie. maybe the bermuda triangle will give her back and she won't have aged, and she can be your older woman lover!

Anonymous said...


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