Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Scarf that took FOREVER.

Ok, so as you could probably tell from the title:  this scarf took me FOREVER.  And if I could do that super snazzy internet-type crazy link thing, I would link this to the entry where I started it... all the way back in February.  (?!?)  The pattern is a simple Feather and Fan, a 4 line repeat with yarn overs and k2tog to create this sweet structure!  I got the pattern from my dearest knit-sib, nellyface.  So why did it take me so long to knit?  Because I had 64 stitches across on size 4 needles so every row took me an eon and a half.  The yarn is a wool/nylon blend that is stretchy and soft!

I don't know if any of you do this, but while I knit I have tons and tons of ideas for other knitting projects that are never destined to be.  For example, while i was knitting this scarf, I wished I was knitting a large, drapey scarf that would wear like one of those hipster wrap scarves.  But instead of knitting one thing and pining over another, I decided to make this scarf do that instead!  

I knit button holes into the ending selvedge and sewed some nice Tagua Nut buttons (and one plastic, 'cause I'm a spaz and never buy the right amount of anything) to the other side, and... lo and behold, it worked!  

I had my doubts about this scarf while I was knitting it.  I loved the colors on the ball, but the color combos it made in the F&F pattern seemed.... a little Molly Weasley to me.  (Not that I don't love me a good Molly Weasley, but... well... I'm trying to stay away from 23yr old magical matron.  Magical, fine; matron... not so fine.)  But, I have to say that I am totally satisfied with the ending product!  I'm going to go ahead and do a light steam iron blocking, just to open up the lace work, and then...  ??  Gift it?  We shall see.

And now I can move on to all those other, coveted knitting projects in my brain!  As soon as I get paid I'm going to start some socks and get a head start on my holiday knitting!

***PS!  I'm still, STILL! going to post images of the Closer to Fine Opening!  I'm still, seriously, waiting for good photos.  But if I don't get any by the end of the weekend, I'll just put up what I have, cool?***

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Nelly Face said...

It looks so awesome! Yaya for feather and fan! And what a cute idea, scarflette thingy!