Monday, April 26, 2010

Be My Valentine, FiberArts Magazine!

At the very last minute I sent off one of my knit postcards to the annual FiberArts Magazine fiber postcard valentine competition. It didn't win any prizes, but it did manage to make it into the April/May issue!

Ok, so every year you send a pre-addressed/stamped hand-made, fibers postcard to the Interweave studio and they mail it back to you via their local post office in Loveland, Colorado... which also means that this was the perfect opportunity for me to test the real world mail-ability of my postcards! (Note the just-in-case $1 stamp. Y'know.. just in case.) But it arrived at the Viv Pickle studio in fine condition! Yay!

Happy Universal Love Day to All! Check out my postcard in the spread:

OOoooooh... sooo exciting! I hope I didn't offend any of those fibers ladies with my roughly knitted language. :0)

You can see all of the entries from the magazine here at the FiberArts magazine website!

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