Friday, April 30, 2010

Love the Fabric Workshop. Love it.

Finally! Finally I've managed to land myself a job at the fabric workshop! I've been trying to get my foot into that door since graduating! And it's amaaaazing! I was brought in March to work as a seamstress on a two-month project with New Mexico artist, Paula Wilson.

(We took over an ENTIRE floor to work on this project with Paula.)

The absolute amazingness of the fabric workshop was immediate. I love working at Viv Pickle but there's something so rewarding about working in an environment that utilizes your creativity: on my first day in the studio I was asked my opinion on fabrics and colors, trusted to make intricate samples and integrated fully into the project.

(Me sewing a giant brick wall/curtain on as absolute BEAST of an industrial.)

It's been almost two months since I started working there two days a week. Now I'm there four days a week... even some late nights and weekends. The work is challenging (I've spent hours brainstorming archival engineering with a master printer and the project manager), physically exhausting (today I spent over an hour sewing an 11ft piece of felt into a decorative architectural cornice), and totally starstrucky! The fabric workshop and museum archives are FULL of yardage by artists like Felix Gonzalez Torres and boxes labeled Laurie Anderson. Not to mention I totally shook Nick Cave's hand two weeks ago. Ack! SERIOUSLY. The Fabric Workshop has worked with soooo many amazing and famous artists!

(Louise Bourgois! Swoooooon!)

The opening is RAPIDLY approaching (May 7th! One week!) and I only love working there more and more! I'll get some more photos of us working in the studio over the next week!

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